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Etymology:Middle English, from Old French espice, from Late Latin species spices, from Latin, species, from specere to look
Date:13th Century
 something that gives zest or relish <variety's the very spice of life -- William Cowper>

I am Cyberspice. I am, in no particular order, geek, pagan, feminist, blonde, tall, blue eyed, bellydancer, biker, goth, hippy, female, guitar playing, programmer, apple fan, lego fan, artist, software engineer, traveller, photographer, herpetologist. Welcome to my website.

Latest Blog Posts

Becoming a Roller Derby addict

This post was going to be about my 2013 however really all it can be is about one thing that started in 2013 and seems to have taken over my life. I never have been a sporty person and I have been over weight for a lot of my life. I have, however, always loved […]


What not do to in customer service

So I upgraded my iPad to iOS7 and had a hick up. It reset my iTunes library. When I tried to restore some of the content by re downloading it some was missing. This isn’t the issue. The issue is what happened when I queried this with Apple… I opened up a customer service query […]


Wuthering Bytes 2013 Talk – A Basic Introduction to Interfacing for the Hardware Curious

Here are the slides to the talk I gave at Wuthering Bytes 2013 at Hebden Bridge, here in the UK.