I can has new guitar!

Yesterday’s evening plans didn’t work out so I went to Guitar Centre to buy the guitar I promised myself I would buy when I came out here.

On the last couple of visits I ended up sampling guitars in the store for some time on a couple of occasions. Unlike in the UK, where they seem very protective of their stock and sometimes won’t let you play something until you actually decide to buy it, the US has generally good customer service. You can just take a guitar down off of the wall, plug it in to nearby amp if necessary, and play. You never have to buy anything. You can even take it back if you decide you don’t want it or fancy something different. This means you could take something home just to try with your equipment for a full deposit.

I bought myself a gorgeous black Ibanez AEF18 electro-accoustic together with a hard case so that I can get it home in one piece. And I got it at a great deal as the store is prepping up for Thanksgiving.


My new guitar

My new guitar


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  1. Nigel Says:

    That looks lovely – cant wait to have a go 🙂

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