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I’ve not been well this weekend. Its the remnants of a fluey cold exacerbated by getting too cold in the wind and rain when using public transportation on Thursday and Friday. However every cloud has a silver lining and sitting in bed, in between snoozes, has given me the chance to get on and develop a WordPress plugin and widget that integrates with, and displays images from a Coppermine gallery.

This is the first plugin and widget for WordPress I have developed and its been a bit of a learning exercise. Its no way completed but the basics are there and you can download the plug-in here. (Edit: The plug-in is now supported officially on the WordPress site. You can get the latest one from here). Currently the only known bug is that you add the widget to a sidebar before you have configured the default Coppermine database settings.

Currently the widget just displays a fixed number of random images from the whole gallery. You can see it in action in the left side bar. Clicking an image takes you to that image’s album in the gallery. Imminent additions I will make are a configurable number of images and columns; selectable queries e.g. the latest additions to the gallery, random from an album or albums, and so on; and pop-ups on mouse-over showing a larger version of the image together with image title and description.


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  1. Robert@PNG Says:

    It would be really nice to see a page/post-tag and a template-tag developed as part of this plugin. I’m an avid WP and Coppermine user and have always been disappointed at the lack of WP support for us Coppermine folks. I really hope to see your plugin develop further with the features suggested above.



  2. cyberspice Says:

    It is my intention to support something like that. I currently have to manually add images and link them across. It’s anoying. Would you want them to also support the popup? I’m also intending to support multiple galleries (the basic code is there in the framework). I’ll be updating the fixed page about the plug-in asap and asking for requests for further functionality.



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