WordPress Automatic Update Bug – Follow Up

The bug I raised on WordPress yesterday as documented in this blog post has been closed as a ‘duplicate’.

Looking through the bugs about a month ago someone else raised a very similar bug report and proposed a very similar solution. That bug report was closed with ‘wontfix’. The basic comment is that (a) they know about it; (b) they think changing the behaviour will break shared hosting; (c) group write support is not supported in WordPress anyway.

The comments in the bug do confirm something I spotted yesterday when looking at the latest release revision of wp-admin/includes/file.php which is that you can completely over-ride the write checking mechanism in WordPress 2.8 and above if you define the constant FS_METHOD to be ‘direct’. A bit hacky but useful. It means I can use decent permissions and still use auto-update. Time to upgrade to 2.8.1 I think.

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2 Responses to “WordPress Automatic Update Bug – Follow Up”

  1. Rob... Says:

    Do you have a link to the bug on their database?



  2. cyberspice Says:

    Rob, the following link is the best I can do. The bug I raised is #10423. The URL below searches all issues on the offending function.



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