PHP NW and the Decorator Pattern

The first Tuesday of the month is the PHP NW meeting in Manchester. This month I was the warm act for PHP celebrity Derick Rethans. Due to traffic issues Lornajane and Derick were late so I gave my talk first. It was one in a series of talks on Design Patterns being given by various members of the group. Mine was on the Decorator Pattern. The slides from the talk are available for download.

Derick’s very interesting talk was on Test Driven Development in a PHP environment. Derick is the author of XDebug and an expert in PHP QA. It covered the concepts behind Test Driven Development and why it both improves code quality and makes code development more efficient over the long term. It covered the use of PHPUnit, XDebug and CruiseControl. As a fan of quality reusable code this is a great way to develop.

Next month is the PHP NW 2009 Conference held in Manchester. The you can see Derick and some of other great European PHP conference speakers doing their thing. Its fantastic value for money and you get a year’s subscription to PHP Architect Magazine too. Bargain!


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