Being crafty

Knitting was once a necessity if you were anything other than very rich. My grandmothers’ generation all could knit. My mother can knit but many of her contemporaries do not. Knitting when out of favour especially amongst feminists who saw it as “women’s work” (even though there is a rich history of male knitters) and everything they were trying to fight. But a new generation of feminists have emerged, many of them geeky women, and they are reclaiming knitting. These third wave feminist knitters think that rejecting the craft devalues the work of past women and rather than rejecting it we should reject the opinion that knitting is in any way a second class activity.

When I was very young my mother taught me to knit. I knitted a small red stuffed bear which my mother probably has stored away somewhere. I haven’t really knitted since then, until now.

My First Scarf

A couple of months ago I decided to give it another try so I ordered both Stitch’n’Bitch and The Happy Hooker from Amazon. These books, by the same author Debbie Stoller, are partly teach-you-self books and partly pattern books for knitting and crochet respectively. The approach the crafts in a fun way working through from the basics to advanced techniques with instructions and diagrams. The second halves of the books comprise funky patterns, such as hoodies, alien scarves, fingerless gloves and so on. These patterns are devised by young knitters and crocheters, by a new generation for the new generation. They are an excellent buy and thoroughly recommended.

My current project is a beginners scarf. Knitting is like cycling you never really forget how to do it and its amazing how quickly you pick it back up again. I find knitting relaxing and carry wool and needles everywhere. I am learning slowly but it is now something I will stick with. I’ve already had a request for a scarf from my sister and with Christmas two months away there are bound to be a couple of gifts I could make for people. I haven’t really tried crocheting yet so that’s my next challenge.


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