First scarf finished!

I finished my first knitting project in a long long while. Its a simple knit scarf of 24 knit stitches per row in Rico Design “Roxy” yarn (73% acrylic/27% new wool – 50gm/60m – Colour violet 007). It took four balls to get a decent length using 8mm needles.

Finished Scarf (and Yours Truly)

Finishing it off turned out to be problematic. I didn’t realise how much yarn I would need to bind off and ran out half way through. This meant I had to undo the bind off which wasn’t easy and I dropped at least one stitch doing it. I then had to unknit a few rows to give me the length needed and to be able to correct the dropped stitch. Whilst doing this the yarn broke. I ended up having to lay the piece flat, take it off the needle, pull off several rows and then carefully rethread the needle. I succeeded though and here it is.


2 Responses to “First scarf finished!”

  1. Bijan Parsia Says:

    Is this the scarf I saw you working on at Barcamp? Congrats!

  2. cyberspice Says:

    Yes it is 🙂 I was knitting it at Bradford Barcamp too.

    Thanks for the congrats.


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