iPhone cosy

A short while ago I went down with the ‘flu’. Usually in these cases the best thing for me to do is rest and sleep. But eventually I get bored so I have to find something to do. So this time I sat in a recliner, watching a movie, whilst teaching myself to Purl. I wanted a project I could finish in an evening to use my new found skill so I modified the “Cricket’s Cell Phone Cozy” design and learnt to do stockinette stitch and add and remove stitches in rows. Below is the result.

iPhone Cosy MK I

It has a couple of things I could improve on. I put the cutout for the headphone cable on the wrong side and you have to take it out to charge. The next one will have a button hole type slot in the bottom for the charging cable.

Knowing Purl has meant I can do ribbing so I’ve started knitting a ribbed scarf out of some great multicolour yarn.

Ribbed Scarf (WIP)


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