101 goals in 1001 days and a photo a day

So its a new year and a significant year, 2010, so I’ve decided to start two projects which are somewhat related. My first project is “101 goals in 1001 days”. Basically I am setting myself 101 personal goals to achieve 1001 days i.e. by the end of 27 September 2012. This can be anything from cycling to work, knitting a jumper to carrying out a solo sky dive.

In order to record my achievements or otherwise I have created a new blog at http://www.cyberspice.org.uk/101in1001/. And my (growing) list of goals with links to pages that describe each goal is here.

The first goal is “A photo a day for at least 365 days”. Basically I have set myself the task of taking, and posting to a blog, a photo each day for at least a year. So I’ve created a new blog for that too at http://www.cyberspice.org.uk/oneaday/. Below is my photo for Jan 1, 2010.

BBC Micro keyboard

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