DPC2010 – “PHP Extensions Tutorial” and “Web Services For Consumer Devices”

I am still at the Dutch PHP Conference and very enjoyable it is too. I have now given my two talks. The first was an all day session on writing PHP extensions in C. The second was a regular 45 minute session on Web Services For Consumer Devices.

PHP Extensions

This tutorial covered writing PHP extensions from the very beginning right through to writing objects and classes in C. I think this went well. Its a lot for beginners to cover so naturally some people got lost towards the end but I have had some good feedback. Links to the slides and examples are below.

Slides PHPExtensions-Final-20100612.pdf
Example – Hello World hello_world-20100612.tgz
Example – Hello World (Extended) hello_world_extended-20100612.tgz
Example – Memory Stream memory_stream-20100612.tgz
Framegrab (PECL) http://pecl.php.net/package/framegrab

Web Services For Consumer Devices

This talk covered what to consider when writing a service to be used by an application on a consumer devices. I agree with the commenters who felt it was a little light. Yes it needs revision before it gets reused.



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