The Sleeper Awakens

This will be my first blog post in a very long time. Life has been busy and, in my day job, productive. Unfortunately this has meant that activities outside of work have been somewhat curtailed. But today I am ‘bunking off’ early as it is the monthly PHP NW meeting in Manchester so I am on a train heading across the country to it. This is giving me a chance to write this!The end of 2010 and the first half of 2011 saw me debugging and optimising low level Linux driver and kernel code for a client’s consumer product. There was little new code written as it was mostly bug fixing and refactoring. Once I decided the driver was bad enough to throw it away and re-write it. I was regularly at the client’s premises which involved travelling early Monday and late Friday. Sometimes I stayed over for weekends. This time away from home did not help my personal projects.

I finally finished on this project mid 2011 and was given the chance to work on an in-house project that I have been proposing for some time. The in-house project was interesting in that it was related to the core areas of the expertise for employer but it was a completely different type of development. The project has given me a chance to use technologies that interest me outside of work but typically aren’t used in work. As I result I have found myself developing client server software running on a LAMP server, developing a PHP application, writing UIs in HTML, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript, using JSON-RPC and other web technologies. All good fun.

The in-house project is still on-going but I have fee paying work again. This latest project is pseudo-embedded but with a web UI again. This time the back-end is written in C but the front end is again HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript and JSON-RPC. I even found myself testing on an iPad the other day.

There has been a bit of a learning curve and as I’m admittedly less experienced at commercial development in some areas there are elements I would do differently. But the products have had a good reception and I have a lot of ideas for new blog posts based on things I have learnt and issues I have had.

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