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San Francisco Pride 2009

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

I am currently back in the US but this time I am on vacation. To start with I spent a few days in the Bay. I spent some time with SonyaLynn and on Sunday both went to San Francisco to meet with the Chasing Amy Social Club women and march in San Francisco Pride. The club is a social club for bi-women and their supportive female friends serving the Bay area. I’ve met up with them before when I’ve been in the US. They’re a great group.

The club’s theme this year was a send up of the ex Miss California, Carrie Prejean, who spoke against same sex marriage. We all went as beauty queens and I went as Miss Begotten.

Miss Begotten

Our group was based around a Mustang Convertible with three of the women sitting on the back and one of the male partners dressed in the tradition clone outfit, including a leather cap, driving. The car had large speakers attached to it and was playing dance music. The rest of us surrounded the car waving and dancing along to the music.

The weather for the march was warm but not too hot. We marched the traditional route up Market Street in San Francisco whilst being watched and cheered by thousands of happy people. It’s one of the best parties ever.

Last year I was in London Pride. This year it’s San Francisco. I feel this is rather apt for a jet setting software engineer. And how do they compare? Both are fun however I feel San Francisco just has the edge on friendliness and party atmosphere. Appropriate for the city that started Pride parades.