Why Cyberspice?

At the time of the Spice Girls (over a decade ago) I had a friend. She had a teenage son. Her teenage son would cheek me by referring to me as Cyber Spice. I actually quite liked the name and it has stuck as my handle ever since. Just occasionally its taken so you will find me under the moniker of Thyberthpithe, which is Cyberspice said with a lisp which I have. So there you are.

Incidentally the same son named my computer at the time Stormbinger as he always said that eventually it would eat my soul. I still have Stormbringer. I also have Mournblade, Stormbringer’s ‘brother’ sword; Glamdring; Sting;Excalibur and Arondight. Spot a theme 😉

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  1. Z Says:

    You are an awesome and cool person.

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