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WordPress Coppermine Widget


My WordPress Coppermine plug-in is a widget that shows a number of thumbnails from a Coppermine web gallery in the sidebar of a WordPress blog. Moving the mouse over a thumbnail will display a pop-up of a larger version of the image together with the title and description from the gallery. The pop up will hide a short time after moving the mouse out of the image.


The WordPress plug-in supplies a widget that will display a configurable number of images, in a configurable grid, selected in a configurable way, from a Coppermine Gallery. When the pointer is placed over an image a larger version of the image will be displayed in a pop-up together with any title and description.

The plug-in supplies a settings page which allows the user to enter the Coppermine database details. The widget is a fully compliant WordPress widget and can be configured using a form on the widget’s appearance page.

On the appearance form you can choose to select how many images to display and the shape of grid in which to didsplay them. You can choose whether to select random, or the latest images, from either all of the images or a specific album. You can also enter the text to display as the widget title.


The plug-in is available from the WordPress site at:

Known Issues

The path for the JavaScript and Style Sheet documents is incorrect. This path is provided by wp-cpg-widget.php. The partial string “plugins/wp-cpg-plugin” should be replaced by “plugins/wp-cpg-widget”. This will be fixed ASAP as a point release.Fixed in 1.0.1

Error on activation: "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in …/wp-content/plugins/wp-cpg-widget/cpg_database.php on line 39"Addressed in 1.0.2

Page not found error when saving database details from the WP Coppermine settings pageFixed in 1.0.2

Warnings from PHP when displaying management pages.Fixed in 1.0.2

The Future

It is intended to add tag support to the plug-in to extend the integration to the inclusion of images in posts and pages. These images will, optionally, also support the pop-up which could either show a larger version of the image or just any title and caption associated with the image. It is also proposed to add support for multiple galleries.


The are now web forums associated with this blog which include an area to discuss the WordPress Coppermine widget. These can be found here.

97 Responses to “WordPress Coppermine Widget”

  1. WP Coppermine Plugin Says:

    [...] WP Coppermine Plugin von Cyberspice zeigt ausgesuchte Bilder aus dem mächtigen Coppermine Galeriescript in der [...]

  2. Hein Says:


    I installed the plugin at my wordpress setup at and it does show the widget and when i take a look at the source code it does seem to build the div block. But no thumbs appear on screen. What could cause that?


  3. cyberspice Says:

    Hi Hein,

    I have looked at your site using firebug (a great web debugging tool) and can see that your URLs in the widget do not have ‘http://’ on the start.

    You will need to deactivate the plug-in and reactivate it and reconfigure it using ‘’ as the URL for the Coppermine gallery. That will fix the problem.

    I will update the instructions and the screen to indicate you need the ‘http://’


  4. Hein Says:

    Great. Works like a charm!
    Looking forward to the future improvements.

  5. Rich Hunter Says:

    Could you please provide an example for each of the WP Coppermine Default Gallery Option Screens? Most are obvious, but “the table prefix?”


  6. Hein Says:

    At table prefix you are meant to fill in what the table prefix is like for your cpg in the mysql database. For example cpg14x_ or cpg_

  7. Genelia Online Says:

    Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user ‘navjot’@’localhost’ (using password: NO) in /wp-content/plugins/wp-cpg-widget/cpg_database.php on line 158
    Cannot connect to database server! –

    Help fix this error.

    I have double checked the data and entered the gallery url without or without ending tags to check for error but it does not work out.

  8. cyberspice Says:

    Hi “Genelia Online”.

    I need more information to help.

    Was this error when you entered the Coppermine details on the Settings page? Or did that work successful but you had problems when using the plug-in itself?

    The error suggests that the account requires a password but you didn’t give it one. Did you enter the database user password?

    Finally what versions of PHP and MySQL, WordPress and Coppermine, are you using?



  9. Streamin Says:

    I would like to use Coppermine as my photo gallery on my blog but can’t get it to load. Can you advise. I have tried to load it using filezilla and WP Plug-ins page, but neither works. I am a newbie to website creation, obviously. :lol:

    Thanks, Tom

  10. cyberspice Says:

    Hi Tom,

    Coppermine is a separate web application. It is available here. You will need some access to the web server to be able to upload it.

    The way I have it installed is that I have my WordPress blog installed in a directory called ‘blog’ on my server and Coppermine installed at the same level in a directory called ‘gallery’. I installed it simply by following the Coppermine install instructions (Upload the zip or tgz, unpack it, and edit the config file).

    Once you have Coppermine installed you can then install my plug-in and fill in the details you used when setting up Coppermine. I’m afraid I don’t have time to go through a whole Coppermine install but there is a help forum on the Coppermine web site so you can get help there.

    Good luck.


  11. Rein Says:

    Hello Mel! Thanks a lot for the plugin, it works perfectly and enables me for a nice fotostrip at my page. I wast just having two questions:

    1 – is it possible to open the pictures in a new window when you click them?
    2 – is it possible to redirect to the enlarged version of the picture instead of to the album?

    Thanks in advance!


  12. Matt Sweeny Says:

    Hi, your plugin sounds fantastic and would like to use it. My question is, I want to use your plugin as part of the page or post content. What I really just want is to have my coppermine thumbnail albums show up as part of a wordpress page. Can your widget/plugin do this?

  13. cyberspice Says:

    Hi Rein,

    I can extend the plug-in and add the options to do that. They sound useful.


  14. cyberspice Says:

    Hi Matt,

    The next addition will be to support thumbnails as part of a wordpress page. I’m working on that at the moment.


  15. Matt Sweeny Says:

    Hi there, thanks for the relatively fast response! I thought that it might be helpful for others to understand that they can pick up the plugin’s setup info from the file which is located in their coppermine’s include directory. It contains the all important database name, server, passes etc.

  16. Matt Sweeny Says:

    Just wanted to let you know Melanie that I got the WP plugin installed, connected to CPG and working great except… the pop up does render the intermediate size picture, I just get nothing, in IE I can see the missing image “X”. I tried digging in the .js file but don’t really know what to look for (let alone how the javascript works)… cheers and let me know if I can just disable the pop up as I don’t really need it or want it anyway.

  17. Justo Says:

    Hi mellanie , thanks for sharing the wrodpress plugin, there is an error on my widget saying cant choose database ? All the details I wrote to the option page later on when I return they are all gone

  18. cyberspice Says:

    Matt, what version of coppermine are you using?

    Could you look in the albums/uploads directory and tell me what prefixes you see on the front of the image files please. I.e. if you have an image, my_house.jpg, the thumb nail would be thumb_my_house.jpg. Now the plug-in assumes medium sized images are named normal_my_house.jpg. However yours don’t seem to be which is why it can’t find them and display them.

    I may need to add a field to allow users to enter the right prefix. I *will* add an option to disable the pop-up. I’ll do that first.


  19. cyberspice Says:

    Hi Justo,

    Firstly what version of WordPress and Coppermine are you using? Also when you mean options page is that the plug-in settings page where you enter the database details or the widget page? When you enter the database settings and click the button to save them do you get any errors?



  20. Scott Says:

    I too have a similar issue to Matt. I can get the thumbs displayed on my WordPress blog but, using Firefox, the mouse over gives me a small black box. All my photos are at /webroot/coppermine/albums and I am not resizing them so they are getting any prefixes applied.

    I definitely would like to be able to use the pop-up feature in on my system if it will be possible in the future.


  21. cyberspice Says:

    Hi Scott.

    Like Matt you do not seem to have the intermediate version of the images. I.e. the ones that have filenames starting with normal_. These are the one’s the plug in displays in the pop-up. Could you please tell me what the value of the setting on the Coppermine configuration page for “Files and thumbnails settings -> Create intermediate pictures” is. I made an assumption that everyone will have theses images. This may be turning out to be incorrect. I will ponder a solution.


  22. Jake Says:

    Hi Cyberspice,

    Was just letting you know that I had the same issue as ‘Genelia Online’ (Post 7).

    I found the reason, in my situation the database password had non-alpha/numeric characters (e.g. ‘<’) and they were removed with ‘strip_tags’ after the post (line 179, wp-cpg-plugin.php).

    I know its to prevent SQL Injection, maybe an alternate sanitization method will need to be used e.g. mysql_real_escape_string?

    Thanks again for the plug-in though :D

    – Shadow

  23. Matt Sweeny Says:

    The version of coppermine I am using is: Coppermine Photo Gallery 1.4.22 (stable)

    As far as using the intermediate pictures to show in the WordPress popup, apparently the pictures I currently have in Coppermine are small and Coppermine did not create Intermediate photo files even though in my CPG setting I do have “create intermediate photos” set to yes…

    I looked in the albums/uploads directory to verify and only the thumb_ prefix is being created. The prefix is not the issue. I can see that the popups are not displaying because coppermine did not create intermediate pics because my original picture files are pretty small already. The problem is Coppermine is too smart…

    As a test, I downloaded the pictures from my coppermine sidebar album and duplicated them withe the prefix normal_ then uploaded those into the uploads directory and WP the sidebar popup works magically. Maybe this is the fix, maybe not, but the troubleshooting show you what did not work with the initial installation of your plugin.

  24. Matt Sweeny Says:

    The other thing that is really annoying is in IE7, the popup window does not go away. I can see that the .js file is set to make the popup disapear which works fine in Firfox 3 and Chrome but again is not working in IE7.

  25. Scott Says:


    I am set to create intermediate size pictures and the max width is set to 1000 px. However, I normally modify every photo before I post it in my gallery and resize it to 800 or 900 px. I only set the “create intermediate” option because I have at times accidentally posted up some full size photos.

    It seems silly to complain “that it doesn’t for me” since you can’t please all the people all the time. NTL, the plug-in is very cool.


  26. cyberspice Says:

    Hey guys. Thanks for some great feedback.

    I have an idea for adding a config option that allows you to use either intermediate images for pop-up or scaled (if necessary) full sized images. That way if you don’t get pop-up images you can enable the latter. I also intend to add another couple of options such as disabling the pop-up completely and so on.

    As this thread is getting quite long (and I hope to be doing more development) I’ll set up some forum software for further discussions. Also, since I’m purely linux and OS X, I’ll create a couple of VMs simply to test in IE.


  27. cyberspice Says:

    Right the forums are now up and running and can be found at:

  28. HaifaFans Says:

    hey i really like your plugin
    plz i need your Help
    can u check this page Link plz :

    i need your help if you don’t mind

    you can contact me on

  29. Deborah Says:

    The comment posted regarding (contains the default set up data)was extremely helpful. Many thanks! You made my evening more enjoyable!

  30. BamaTrooper – Off Duty » Playing around on the blog Says:

    [...] Well, got around to messing with the blog again and rediscovering what it is i was doing with it long ago.. time flies.. hopefully i can get a few wrinkles out of it and back online again… Found a cool Gallery widget over on the side.. seems to work, a few initial bugs with the pop up deal but it is almost a winner… [...]

  31. Another Design by Matt Sweeny - Imagine. Design. Build. Advance. Says:

    [...] the best sources on this include Rue Plumet’s CoppermineSC plugin and Cyberspice’s WordPress Coppermine Widget. I have passed over [...]

  32. Pete Kavanagh Says:

    Great plugin, thanks!
    I don’t use intermediate files, so I edited your code to remove the “normal_”.
    Two problems/suggestions:
    1. The plugin does not respect the CPG group/password restrictions, and will show images from all galleries; my workaround is just to select a specific album (that I know is “public”), but ideally I’d like to be able to have it pick random photos from all of my “public” albums.
    2. The popups go behind embedded youTube items that I have in WP blog entries.

  33. cyberspice Says:


    I’m adding support for those who don’t use intermediates (an option and scaling). I’ll add CPG group/password restrictions.

    As for the pop ups. That is unfortunately how flash and css interacts. I have a similar issue with a flash WP plug-in and my blog’s menu bar. Some people have asked for the pop ups to be in a new window. I’ll add that as an option and it should appear over the youtube items.


  34. Lisa Says:

    I dont know where I am suppose put the URL etc I went thru it and it had it in several places, Where am I suppose to change this st one page or all oof them.. I am VERY new but a fast learner

  35. Prakhar Says:


    I am using this plugin. Can you tell me how to auto increment the view count for the images in the coppermine gallery that displayed via this plugin on wordpress?

    This option would be really nice!

  36. Tanya Lowe Says:


    Great plugin but is there a fix for IE?

  37. cyberspice Says:

    I’m working on it :-) Could you tell me which version of IE you are using?

    Thanks, Mel.

  38. Gina Says:

    Hi, I would really like to use this plugin – it looks very straightforward and easy once it gets installed and configured. My problem – I can’t get it configured! Can you please email me to help – the explaining would probably take a page since I am pretty technilogically challenged so email might be best. Email

  39. Prakhar Says:

    Dear cyberspice,

    Is there a way to autoincrement the viewcount of images that are displayed through this plugin, so that the “views” in the main gallery reflect this?

    Because ultimately the visitors who see the full sized image through this plugin adds up to the eyeballs count an image gets.

  40. Tom Says:


    this sure sounds like a great plug-in. Somehow I can’t get it to connect to my database although I’ve entered all SQL related information as found in
    Could you post an example for each value so that I could check where I’m forgetting something? Mostly I’m not sure about the Database Server entry.


  41. oblomov Says:

    Hi !
    The plugin works fine, in general.
    From time to time the program refuses a photo, when this photo is in the “badge” this disables the pop up feature. (I use “most recent” to check if a pic works)
    Pb doesn’t seem to be related to file size or image dimensions.

  42. Sminel Says:

    I have a problem:
    Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock’ (2) in /web/htdocs/ on line 158


  43. xhio Says:

    Hi and first of all thanks for sharing this useful plugin.
    I have a question: what if I’d like to display random pictures from a CATEGORY of my coppermine gallery? Is it possible?
    Thanks since now :)

  44. Heysoos Says:

    Hi, have put your plugin into my test blog at the moment to see how it integrates etc.

    I notice that the pictures seem to be sized at 400xXXX. Is this size determined by coppermine, wordpress or the plugin? If it is the plugin, where would I go about changing this?

    Also noticed that IE6 does seem to show the photos as I expected but Firefox 3.5 does!

    Many thanks

  45. Heysoos Says:

    Scrub that last one…found it. It’s in coppermine itself!

  46. Michael F Says:

    When I tried to drag the Widget into the side bar, the screen starts popping up with

    Select images…Select images…Select images…Select images…Select images…Select images…

    And I can’t…thoughts?

  47. image gallery for WP | Says:

    [...] WordPress Coppermine Widget [...]

  48. Duade Says:

    Thanks for the plugin, have installed and works as promised.

    Is it possible to link to the “gallery/displayimage.php?album=40&pos=1″ page for the image instead of to the album its from? It can be a pain for the user to find the image if you have 20 pages in one album.

    I did try and modify the code however it appears the “pos” variable is generated on the fly by coppermine and not stored in the database.


  49. BT Says:

    It would be very cool if a single sign-on feature could be added to the plug-in.

  50. Kalai Says:

    How to show more than one gallery images in the widget (like yours). It just shows thumbnail images from only one gallery.


  51. Christina Says:

    This looks like a great plug-in. Unfortunately I don’t seem to get the path right to the gallery. Every time I enter the complete URL to my gallery (including gallery/index.php) I do get boxes for the preview pictures on my website. However, the URL and the link are incorrect as the address to the albums is added AFTER the gallery/index.php ending. So it looks something like gallery/index.php/albums/…. How can I get rid of the index.php file in between? It seems to appear each time.

  52. Mélanie Says:

    Same problem
    When I tried to drag the Widget into the side bar, the screen starts popping up with

    Select images…Select images…Select images…Select images…Select images…Select images…

    And I can’t…thoughts?

  53. cyberspice Says:

    Leave the index.php out of the URL. The path should be the path to the directory containing Coppermine not the index file.

  54. cyberspice Says:

    Which version of WordPress and PHP are you using?

  55. Jimmy Says:

    I would like to disable javascript plugin, as I do?

  56. Gotti Says:

    is it possible to use the plugin in a theme without widgets?

  57. Nicole Says:

    I have the same problem as Melanie, and I did not put index.php or any other file name in the form. I’m pretty sure I did it right. I think the problem is that it doesn’t work with 2.9.2.

  58. K Says:

    Hi cyberspice – I hope you still check these comments…

    Pete Kavanagh said that he was able to edit your code to remove the “normal_” prefix from being added to the images. Can you tell me how I can do the same? The pop-ups don’t work for me because nooe of my coppermine images have the “normal” prefix.

  59. malamute Says:

    i get a Cannot connect to database server.I have installed the plugin thru my wordpress plugins,set the mysql options properly

  60. malamute Says:

    I also deactivated and activated the plugin

  61. malamute Says:

    why were my messages removed? Very strange that is

  62. malamute Says:

    woops they wern’t,sorry.i couldn’t see them

  63. cyberspice Says:

    No worries

  64. cyberspice Says:

    I moderate my blog. I get all sorts of spam otherwise. This means your posts go in to a queue so they aren’t published until I click the publish button.

  65. Semmie Says:


    I love your plugin, but the popup is not working for me :(
    So when i go over the image, i can see the popup but the picture is not showing.

    Any idea why this could happen?

    my site:


  66. Talent Says:

    How can I get the script to popup/display the fullsize photo image instead of the thumbnail image from the coppermine gallery when users click or mouseover in the wordpress blog sidebar? Email your response to


  67. Peter Eekhout Says:


    I have setup the plugin and there where no errors. But when I use the plug-in I get the following error:

    Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user ‘SYSTEM’@’localhost’ (using password: NO) in D:\wamp\www\wp-content\plugins\wp-cpg-widget\cpg_database.php on line 158

    But the setting WP coppermine does not give an error, only the widget.

    I use WP 2.9.2 and Coppermine 1.5.3.RC

    Thank you,

  68. Debbie Says:

    very nice plug in and looks like I can get it to work with coppermine … thank you ..

    again great plug in ..


  69. Chris Tedesco Says:

    I had been using your plugin for several months before my server crashed. I reloaded my site and now your plugin now only displays the image title and caption with no image when the mouse is hovered over the thumbnail. It will only display the “normal” intermediate images, but I do not use them with my coppermine gallery. I had never used intermediate images before,and everything used to work fine. I am on coppermine 1.4.26 and wordpress 2.92. Any help will be much appreciated.

  70. Helen Says:

    Love the plugin, but would love the option of displaying the latest images from a single category on the sidebar, seems like that’s the single missing feature!

  71. Frank Says:

    I would like to use the Coppermine Latest Gallery plugin but I cannot make it work. I have entered all database information as requested into the specified fields but there are no thumbnail images shown. Could you please help me out? Frank

  72. Matt Says:

    Were you ever able to get the plug-in functioning in a page, instead of in a Widget? I saw a few posts back that you were working on that.


  73. cyberspice Says:

    I’ve been very busy during the first half of this year. The plug-in really needs some TLC. So that’s next on my to do list.

  74. James Says:

    Hi, I’m building site slowly and have been recommended the WP Coppermine plugin, problem is, I’ve filled all the settings in and that seems to be fine, however when I try to drag the widget within WP I get a screen full of “Select images…” and I’m unable to, I’ve been messing round with it for a few hours and these settings look correct (any other combination gives a fail on the inital SQL check)

    any thoughts? ta


  75. Mike Stewart Says:

    Same issue as james.
    wp 3.0.1
    Whats the code for getting the widget on a page?

  76. Keith Says:

    Like some others I am getting the following on the wordpress page only-

    Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user ‘xxxxxx’@’localhost’ (using password: NO) in /home1/xxxxx/public_html/iltt/wp-content/plugins/wp-cpg-widget/cpg_database.php on line 158
    Cannot connect to database server! –

    I have input the password in the settings section and everything took fine

    Any suggestions?

  77. Jess Says:

    I tried setting up this plugin and when I entered my database credentials, I got the following message:

    Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Lost connection to MySQL server at ‘reading initial communication packet’, system error: 111 in /home/www/xxxxx/html/english/wp-content/plugins/wp-cpg-widget/wp-cpg-plugin.php on line 188
    Failed to connect to database server!

    This probably means that the server name or user name or password are incorrect! The server returned the error displayed below:

    how do I fix this? the database details I entered, are all correct.

  78. cyberspice Says:

    I will have a look at this issue this week. Can you tell me which version of WordPress and which version of MySQL you are using please. Are you able to get shell access to your server. I may have to ask you to try some things.

  79. Nimish Says:

    Guys, having the same error as Michael F and James. When I try to drag the WP Coppermine widget, the screen gets filled with “select images…select images… and so on” . I have upgraded coppermine to 1.58 from 1.42 and the WP is 3.0.1
    Thanks, Nim

  80. Nimish Says:

    ok an update. the “select images…” error when dragging the widget to the sidebar does not occur on Firefox. I had upgraded my IE to 9 and due to some issues had to pull it back to 8, since then IE 8 has been a bit buggy running javascripts specifically… could be due to this. However, the Database settings are not getting updated in the database for some reason even using Firefox??? any clues?

  81. cyberspice Says:

    I’m going to try and reproduce some of these issues this weekend and see if I can get to the bottom of them. At the moment I haven’t a clue why its broken.

  82. ThomasT Says:

    Hi Cyberspice,

    I’ve got the same problem as Sminel.

    Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock’ (2) in /mnt/sites/web/daniel/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-cpg-widget/cpg_database.php on line 158

    I’m using WP3.01 and CP1.4.27 and Firefox3.6.11 . Anyone any idea what could be wrong? Otherwise WP works just fine. I database settings should be right, I took them from the corresponding CP file.

    Cheers, Tom

  83. ThomasT Says:

    Hi Cyberspice,

    I just noticed that although I enter all DB info on the settings page and save, then I add the widget to the sidebar, all info is gone when I go back to the settings page. All fields are empty as if I’d never entered anything.

    Even if I type in all the data, click save, then click on the settings page again, all data is gone and I’m presented with an empty form. I guess this would explain why the widget is unable to connect to the DB cause somehow the data is not stored.

    Where/how do you store this information? Do I need to adjust directory rwx settings somewhere?

    Hope this helps a bit, Tom

  84. cyberspice Says:

    That’s actually really useful. May be somethings changed in 3.01 which affects how that works. And because my system has already stored the data I can’t reproduce the problem. I’m going to set up a test server and try this from scratch.

    Thank you.

  85. Pierre Demeure Says:

    Thanks for this good plugin. It works fine for me, in a WP 3.01
    I noticed that many questions raises about the database server.
    Perhaps that ones who encounter problems could try to do like me : as database server, I simply entered “localhost” …
    The only thing that don’t seems to work on the WP 3.01 is the popup window when mouse is over a picture…

  86. Darryl Says:

    Hey, I tried to use the widget, and its saying Select Images….Selcet Images over and over again. I am using WordPress 3.0.3 and Coppermine 15x

  87. Stef Says:

    I’m trying to activate the Coppermine Plugin for WordPress. So I can have the latest pictures from the gallery up in my wordpress posts. Now for activation they ask me to give the following information:

    Gallery URL
    Database server (The domain name for the Coppermine database server.)
    Database name
    The user name
    The password
    The table prefix

    Now when I fill this all in I get the following message: You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.
    Although I’m almost sure i filled in the right information.

    Wondering if you can help


  88. Jo Says:

    Are you still continuing to upgrade/develop this plugin? Or does anyone know any other similar working plugin?

  89. Filipe Says:

    Hi there,
    Thanks for the great plugin!
    I just would like to know if there is any way to resize the thumbnail pictures shown on layout without resizing the gallery thumbnails.
    Thanks for you time and I hope you can help me.

  90. Filipe Says:

    Hi again,
    Just fixed it! :)
    If anyone wants to know just add on wp-cpg-plugin.css file after this code
    “.wp-cpg-widget img {
    border: 0;”

    the following data:
    “width: ???px;
    height: ???px;”

    by replacing ??? by the real size and removing quotes.


  91. Jack Deth Says:

    I wanted a plugin that would allow me to display all the photos from my Coppermine gallery on a gallery page, not just in the sidebar.

    I tried ID Coppermine Plugin but it’s too buggy. So I thought I’d give this a shot.

    Luckly, I use the Suffusion theme which allows me to add your plugin to an “Ad Hoc Widget Sidebar”. From there, I can embed a code pertaining to the sidebar item into the main page. Then it all appears in the main page instead.

    However, your plugin will only allow me to pick ALL or just one album at a time. When choosing ALL, it also pulls pictures from any private, password protected folders for clients. I don’t want that. I want it to just pull from my public albums. Can you modify this to allow us to select multiple albums? And maybe add navigational buttons to go to the next page of pics, etc?

    One more thing. You are supposed to be able to hover over and image and see a larger version pop up. It didn’t work. I get a tiny little gray box, but nothing in it.


  92. Jack Deth Says:

    I tried the link to you support forum. There’s nothing there but thousands of spam posts for porn. :-(

  93. Carl D Says:

    Hey cyberspace

    Very cool – I’d love to add this to my site .. but I have widgets disabled. You may have answered this elsewhere and I missed; if so, forgive me .. but is this useable without widgets?




  94. lia Says:

    Awesome plugin. Thanks alot.

    How do I disable the popup? thanks

  95. kakashi Says:


    i like the plugin but it wont let me show random photos.
    latest photos work but not the ramdom option

    is there a fix for that?

    thx, rob van der zwet AKA kakashi

  96. kakashi Says:

    nvm it works

  97. Stella Says:

    Hi! I love this widget! However, it is not working very well on my website right now. The thumbnails look wonky (go to the homepage and see the widget at work in the sidebar) and hovering over the thumbnail no longer displays a larger image. Are you considering updating this widget? I sure hope so! Let me know if I can help in any way.

    Best. Stella
    Byrneholics Online

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