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Etymology:Middle English, from Old French espice, from Late Latin species spices, from Latin, species, from specere to look
Date:13th Century
 something that gives zest or relish <variety's the very spice of life -- William Cowper>

I am Cyberspice. I am, in no particular order, geek, pagan, feminist, blonde, tall, blue eyed, bellydancer, biker, goth, hippy, female, guitar playing, programmer, apple fan, lego fan, artist, software engineer, traveller, photographer, herpetologist. Welcome to my website.

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A couple of Derby Photos.

Not been doing much lately other than skating and working. Here’s a couple of photos. Firstly a random shot of me at training. As you can see I’m somewhat thinner than I used to be. But I still have a lot of size to lose. That’s next year’s work! This photo shows some “Derby Kisses”. […]


One of my favourite books is coming to Radio 4

You should recognise the two cops!


My Roller Derby Versary

It is the beginning of October. One year and two weeks ago I started skating for the first time many many years. I attended my league’s free skate called “Wednesday Skate” because it’s on a Wednesday! On that first day I was wobbly and unfit. I had to use the building furniture to help me […]


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